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  • Is Vanilla Cupcakes vegan? Yes! Vanilla Cupcakes is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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24 September 2021
Don't let their size fool you, these are truly mighty cupcakes! 🧁

My only critique would

be that I wish OGGS had opted for another decirative topping - I find the colourful sprinkles to be quite hard.

Still, I can confidently say I will be buying them again.

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Found in Sainsbury’s. Expensive but totally worth it. Butter cream on the top. Absolutely amazing.

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Brighton’s Open Market is holding a vegan market today and tomorrow which me and my

mum stumbled upon to our happy surprise! On top of that, they were giving out free #oggs #cupcakes! I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes but I’ll never pass on free food, and this was actually really good. It’s a bite-sized ball of spongy, vanilla-y goodness, topped with a light, fluffy icing and little colourful sprinkles! What’s not to like?
#cupcake #vegancupcake #vegancupcakes #cake #treatyoself #vanillacupcakes #vegancake

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