Oat Malk

by oat malk
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Most helpful reviews

I have been using mostly oatly or chobani oat milk but was in search of

something with less filler/junk. This product has only 3 ingredients (filtered water, organic oats and Himalayan sea salt). I tasted great. I only wish it came in a carton rather than a plastic bottle.

this is oat milk as it should be made. with no fillers or gums, just

oats, water & salt. it’s delicious, but pretty pricey for the amount you get 😓

This stuff was bad. Watery, bad taste, used it up in cereal so I wouldn't

taste it as much.

Bought this bc the store was out of Oatly. This tasted bad and was thin/watery.

Had to eat with cereal so that I didn't taste it as much. Wouldn't buy again.

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