Buttery Spread with Coconut Oil

by Nuttelex
4.63 (30)
  • Is Buttery Spread with Coconut Oil vegan? Yes! Buttery Spread with Coconut Oil is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 89%

• Dairy free • Natural flavour • Contains omega 3 • GMO free



About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I have used nuttelex original( sunflower) for cake decoration. Tried with coconut oil spread and

it worked perfectly fine. the flavor of coconut is not overpowering at all.the icing was smooth fluffy and enjoyed by everyone.this was a cake to say good bye to three of my friends of my "SAREE GANG", yes we have a saree enthusiasts group😀😊, who will be moving out of sg soon. #rotd

It works well with most of my indian deserts.kiddo loves it on the roti


not a big butter person but this is definitely a good alternative to regular butter!

it has the usual creamy and smooth texture, with a slight hint of coconut. my mum, who is a big critic of butter, approves of this 👍🏼 #dogsofabv

it honestly tastes, looks and feels just like normal butter (but better)! There are so

many varieties with this brand, but the coconut oil one is my absolute fave!! 💙#veganisnotscary

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