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  • Smoked Paprika Cheese Wheel
  • Smoked Paprika Cheese Wheel

Smoked Paprika Cheese Wheel

by Nut Culture


4.60 (17)

  • Is Smoked Paprika Cheese Wheel vegan? Yes! Smoked Paprika Cheese Wheel is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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20 July 2022
Made using organic cashew nuts and probiotic cultures, coated with paprika powder and chilli flakes

which gave a nice smokiness. Allium-free! ($15 / 140g)

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If you love creamy cheese and pimentos you’ll have an orgasm eating this. I’m gonna

boldly say this is hands down my favorite cheese! ❤️

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This is surprisingly tasty! 😋 Tasted like smoked cheese. I enjoyed the flavor. Cant keep

it for long though….need to store it properly…mine turned moldy after a few days 😩

#cheese #veganisnotscary

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This is an absolute blast! One of the best vegan cheese I’ve ever tried so

far. The samples that I had tried at the Vegan Festival didn’t do justice to its’ actual taste. This one surprised me on the first bite! Great smell and taste. Lovely flavour it is. The only minor concern I have is the price. Quite expensive for its size though

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I have yet to try something that has smoked paprika in it and doesn’t taste

good 😋 This one goes really well with a slice of toasted sourdough

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