Next Level Burger

by Next Level Meat
4.30 (620)
  • Is Next Level Burger vegan? Yes! Next Level Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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The time has come for me to finally try these famous Next Level Meat Burgers

Warning: if you don't like the look and taste of bovine meat, this burger could be shocking at first. It definitely looks like meat, both for the texture and the red beet juice , way too similar to blood so the imitation is uncanny. I found them easier to cook in the pan as they are extremely thick, not fragile and crumbly like other veg burgers can be sometimes, even though they require a bit more time (8-10 minutes approx to get uniformly done). Exactly like true meat burgers, they ooze greasy oil as you cook them( I didn't use any oil or butter just to see how they worked when grilled), and this could lead them to be more easily prone to get burnt so you need to stir them constantly. The taste is 95% meat. Champignon mushrooms and soy proteins definitely give them an ironish-fat aftertaste which resembles meat, but slightly bitter at the same time, which is the reason for the 5% missing because, despite the spices included,it tastes exactly like when the mince has not been salted enough, so I'd advise to add some salt, pepper or other spices while cooking if you feel the same. Anyway, it's an overall excellent product, very nutritive, and I'll definitely buy it again. 3€ at Lidl.
#nextlevelmeat #nextlevel #burgers

I would rate this with more than 5 stars if I could. I don’t know

why I’m only now writing a review for this, I’ve been consuming it since it started selling at Lidl. Even my family members who are meat eaters like it🤩 The burgers are also perfect on the grill or baked in the oven on parchment paper (for those who don’t want to fry them in oil). A package with two burgers is 25 HRK, but it's often up to 30% off. Very affordable and very delicious✅
#veganuary #NextLevel #NextLevelMeat #burgers

OMG, I swear, if I didn't know it was vegan, I would have thought it's

meat... I actually felt bad while eating it, because I felt like I was eating meat again.. 😁 I would still prefer my homemade veggie patties, but I would definitely still buy this again. For someone that is still missing meat, this will satisfy them 100%. I made vegan burger, loaded with other veggies (I really regret buying the buns..) and sweet potato fries 🍠🍟🍔 #veganisnotscary #veganin2020 #veganburger #veganpatty #sweetpotatofries #veganlife #lidl #burgerlover

I know I join late the party, but I've tried #nextlevelburger. For me, they aren't

bad, but neither anything special.
They have a good texture and they may look like meat, but they don't taste like it (and for me it's fine).
I find they have a slightly sweet backtaste, which I've found also in the vegan burgers by Findus.
I'd say that they are good and worth trying, I'd eat them again as some fast-food alternative, but I'm pretty sure regual veggie burgers are healthier and preferable.

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