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  • Is Kitkat Vegan vegan? Yes! Kitkat Vegan is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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22 January 2023
So delicious!
I have never tried the original Kitkat, but we have ‘Kvikk Lunsj’ here which

is a similar type of chocolate #wafer with four fingers! So I was very excited to get my hands on these.

The texture is great, the #wafers are nice and crunchy, making this a very satisfying chocolate #treat to eat.
The #chocolate is based on #rice and has a smooth consistency that melts nicely in your mouth, definitely a very good type of #milkchocolate. It is also VERY #sweet but still has a pretty good cocoa flavour!

Comparing it to Kvikk Lunsj for my Scandi vegans, I don’t think it’s identical at all. Noticeably sweeter and not as creamy. (But that’s what people say about the original #kitkat as well)

If you miss milk chocolate wafers I think it’s an amazing alternative, they’re very good.

I really like the design, it is very clearly #vegan and I like the nature inspired looks of it!
It has #rainforestalliance certified cocoa and uses #rspo palmoil.

I bought this online for 19 NOK, which is a fair price for a small sized #chocolatebar. It is sadly not available in my country.

#chocoholic #sweettooth #veganchocolate #teammylkchocolate

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Kit Kat vegano, barquillos con crema de cacao cubiertos de chocolate, debe ser chocolate con

leche vegetal, porque no parece chocolate negro. La verdad que está muy bueno, no recuerdo cómo era el especista, pero no creo que haya ninguna diferencia en cuanto a sabor. La única diferencia es que ningún animal tuvo que ser esclavizado y asesinado para elaborarlo. #rainforestalliance Espero que Nestlé empiece de una vez a respetar más a los demás animales. Comprado en #veggieroom

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🇮🇹 finalmente ho provato il KitKat in versione vegana. Quello normale mi piaceva ma era

troppo dolce a volte per i miei gusti, mentre questo mi ha sorpreso positivamente per il bilancio nel gusto e lo preferisco di molto a quello normale 😍
🇬🇧 finally I tried the vegan KitKat version. I used to like the normal one but it was to sweet for me sometime, on the other hand this one surprised me positively for the balance in its taste and I prefer this one by a lot compared to the normal one 😍
Yuka🥕: 31/100
#abillionlove #vegan #veganisnotscary #chocolate #crueltyfree #rifugiomiletta

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A very Merry Christmas to my abillion family, from a frosty and beautiful Netherlands 🇳🇱🤩✨

I’ve got some catching up to do with my reviews… here’s just one, for now 😜

I could barely wait to get my hands on a vegan Kit Kat, since I loved Kit Kat in my pre-vegan days and you can’t get the vegan version in SA 🇿🇦 a mere four days in Europe and I made sure to have some delivered with our Albert Heijn grocery delivery order 😂 #priorities

It did not disappoint! Just divine. Perfect treat for Christmas Eve 🎅

Wishing you all love, joy, peace and CHOCOLATE this Christmas (and always) 😄❤️

#greytonfarmanimalsanctuary #veganisnotscary 👻 #dairyisscary #ditchdairy 🐮 #chocoholic

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Había que probarlo.
A mi parecer está bastante conseguido, aunque tampoco recuerdo mucho como sabía

el original.
También te digo, no es nada del otro mundo.

Es de Nestle, que no tienen reputación por ser la empresa más ética del mundo….
El chocolate parece que tiene el sello de Rainforest Alliance, pero he escuchado argumentos diferentes sobre cuánto de bien hacen en el sector de cacao🤷‍♀️

Para probarlo ha estado bien, pero no es un producto que vaya a volver a comprar.

Yo lo compré en VeggieRoom, en Madrid. Miré en otras tiendas veganas a ver si lo tenía pero esta fue la única.

#vegankitkat #rainforestalliance #satuariovegan #veganpower

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