Drumstick Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

by Nestlé
4.35 (20)
  • Is Drumstick Vanilla Chocolate Swirl vegan? Yes! Drumstick Vanilla Chocolate Swirl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 54%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Not a fan of Nestle but I do love these!Non-Dairy and they even have the

V word on them!! 🤗 #vegan
The caramel drumsticks are nice too!!
They are delightful and I really wish they were available in the US!! I purchased these in Canada.

#chocoholic #sweettooth #veganicecream

Delicious summer treat. Great hit with the kids. Definitely recommend trying because they

are so good. #icecream

I was so glad to see that there are now 4 in a package and

not 3...that made it so hard to share last time!

Jesse and I absolutely LOVED these. They were only $4.44 at Food Basics.

We liked that they were a bit smaller so they were more like a #treat

The insides were just so perfect and not a crunchy gross half-peanut in sight! Don't get me wrong...I like peanuts in savory dishes, but not in desserts! Lol #controversial


I haven’t had a

drumstick since before I went vegan, which was over 7 years ago now! This summer I was saying that I was craving one so badly — and now I’m pleased to report that these are being sold at my local supermarket with the regular ice cream! It’s $5.99 CDN for a box of 4, which is really reasonable considering I’ve paid a lot more for specialty vegan ice cream treats. This flavour reminds me of my childhood — the ice cream is so creamy and the chocolate taste gives me nostalgic vibes. I honestly can’t tell the different between this and a regular dairy drumstick. I can now die happy.


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