Shirataki Noodles.

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Most helpful reviews

Son noodles que tienen 10 calorias por porcion. Los encontramos en la casa y decidimos

probarlos 👀 . Tienen agua y konjac (gelificante) basicamente.

La salsa es todo. Solos no tienen gusto.

Eso si, usamos 3 dientes de ajo crudos para la salsa y no sabemos si estamos descompuestos por eso o porque los fideos son indigeribles 👀

These noodles come in this little package and they are basically ready! When you take

them out they come in a little bag with water, and they are super chewie.. comes from an Asian plant. I put them in a pan with veggies to heat them up. They taste like NOTHING so need condiments, A LOT, I used hummus to help with flavor. The portion is small to medium, also it’s very expensive 😩but considered good to lose weight, it’s only 10 calories per portion.

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