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Strawberry Nukies

by Nanuki


4.00 (3)

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13 July 2023
Wow wow wow I only bought the strawberry and these are delicious, 3 in a

box , wish they had bigger boxes , can’t wait to try the other flavours

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A nice treat, not too sweet, well-balanced. Like with the whole range, I don’t like

the individual plastic packaging for each cookie.

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These weren’t what I was hoping they’d be. I was looking forward to a vegan

Jolly Jammer - crunchy biscuit with a sweet filling. These shortbread biscuits are really soft and floury. The texture isn’t bad, just not ideal. The strawberry filling is pleasant but not that prominent. I really like the concept but the execution is lacking for me so I wouldn’t get these again.

Very cute packaging but each biscuit is in its own plastic which seems a bit extra (especially as I ate all three in one go 😂)

R29.95 at Wellness Warehouse

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