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Almond Macaroon

by Nākd.


4.22 (17)

  • Is Almond Macaroon vegan? Yes! Almond Macaroon is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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19 October 2022
This was more squishy and less crunchy than other #nakd #bars I’ve tried (more like

a fruit bar, despite containing almonds and cashews), which I quite liked. It had a lovely sweet, almond-y flavour (I’m not sure what a macaroon tastes like but maybe it tasted like that too?) and was the perfect snack for a busy day.
#nakdbar #fruitbar #almond #almondbar #snackbar #vegansnacks #vegansnack #veganbar

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Normally a big fan of Nakd bars but didn’t find this one very interesting, just

tasted of dates and nuts really as opposed to the usual amazing flavours you get 🤷 that being said, not sure what almond macaroon should taste like! Wouldn’t bother with again

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This is THE BEST nakd bar! Such a nice taste and such simple, healthy ingredients.

This bar and the salted caramel one are 10/10. The flavour is delicious and fairly original in my opinion as I haven't seen any other bars like it. Would 100% recommend :)

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I like them... I like all the ingredients inside... is soft and not too sweet

as well!
and 1 bar makes feel full:-)

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The best flavour I’ve ever tried. Seriously annoying that these are so overpriced, keeping my

fingers crossed Aldi do a version in the near future

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