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Birthday Cake Cookie Dough

by NadaMoo!
4.39 (28)
  • Is Birthday Cake Cookie Dough vegan? Yes! Birthday Cake Cookie Dough is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 56%

Celebrate every day like it’s your birthday with this creamy combination of our classic Vanilla ice cream with alternating layers of frosted yellow cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, and colorful, rainbow sprinkles. Happy birthday to you (even if it’s not your birthday!)



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Most helpful reviews

Before going vegan, birthday cake ice cream was my favorite dessert. Now I can have

a vegan version! It is creamy, delicious, decadent, and reminiscent of the birthday cake ice cream I loved. #uplandspeak

So, quick note: I tried this over the weekend, and it was super good. I

looked up a picture on line because I had already recycled the container.

Anyway, NadaMoo is easily my favorite vegan ice cream brand! This flavor was incredible! The ingredients are wholesome, yet it’s still so delicious! I loved the bits of cookie dough within this, really clever flavor design.

Pretty Good! Love nada moo theyre 100% vegan i’m pretty sure…if not someone let me

know please! Also never stop speaking up for non human animals no matter how hard their lives are at stake and matter. Buy @katielouise-powells stickers sign petitons letters like on my previous reviews and posts you can find those and other ways to advocate and always pray the non human beautiful intelligent animals souls are 100% safe and their okay, prayers go a long way. #nonhumananimallivesmatter #govegan GO VEGAN💚 This is pretty good it’s sweet it some interesting flavors and parts I was suprised about it’s okay I’d reccomend and share to non vegans to advocate as a non human animal rights actvists always pray for them thanks! GO VEGAN SPECIESISM HAS ENDED SPECIESISM IS GONE KETS FIGHT AGAINST SPECIESISM FOR THE NON HUMAN ANIMALS LIVES PRAY THEIR SOULS AND BABIES ARE HAVING SWEET DREAMS A GOOD NIGHTS RIGHTS HAPPY AND SAFE AND WARM GO VEGAN IF YOURE NOT THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT BUGS HAVE FEELINGS WATCH WHERE YOU STEP ITS SO EASY TAKES NOTHING THEYRE ANIMALS HUMANS ARE ANIMALS TOO WE ALL FEEL PAIN ALL EQUAL END THEIR SUFFERING AS WE SPEAK IF YOU COULD EAT HEALTHY HAPPY GOOD AND LIVE GREAT WITHOIT HARMING THEM WHY NOT? GO VEGAN BOYCOTT NON HUMAN ANIMAL SUFFERING PRISONS AKA ZOOS #seaworldmustend #boycottzoos #boycottnonvegans #boycottseaworld #pigs #vegetarians #recyclable #palmoilfree #sustainable #unsustainable #nadamoo #empanadas #roosterredemption #zoerooster #zoobee #genesisbutler #endspeciesism #speciesism #pescetarians #fumettodipesce #veganisnotscary #rifugiomiletta #ethicallymadeithink #ethicallymade #gillsethicaltravels #icecream #veganisnotscary #govegannow #govegan #goveganfortheanimals #goveganfortheplanet #environmentalists #environmentallyfriendly #veganfortheenvironment #love

This tastes just like frozen vanilla cake! And the biscuit dough chunks are yummy, but

a little bit grainy compared to other cookie dough icecreams🍨

#icecream #dessert

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