Shrooms Bites

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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Bite-size whole mushrooms that's crisp and salty. Might just be magical. 😏
Great for Netflix

and cold dizzy drink / beer, but uber expensive at $5.50 (I didn't buy it, it was shared).
Make it last: lick salt, soften in mouth, then chew slowly and swallow.

Chrispy and crunchy! Never know that my soft shrooms can be this crispy.
Love the

seasoning. Slight sweetness with a hit of salt. 👌🏻

Crispy, just nice enough salt, like chips but healthy option, and the fact that carbon

footprint is lesser as it's local brand. Just really wish they don't use palm oil. And state what does vegetarian powder includes clearly. Have posted their contact and will be writing to them on palm oil, packaging to be smaller. $5.50
Update from Mushroom Kingdom: They replied swiftly saying it is RSPO certified palm oil.

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