veggie grillers crumbles

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As an onion lover, I can't believe it took me this long to try a

hand at cooking pasta Genovese, perfect for the onion lover, it has that concept of eating melted onions and "meat" , kinda like chilli... I am pleased to say that with the combined forces of an Australian white onion, this packet of morning star crumble and non dairy cheese by angel foods. this has been a 10/10 home cook experience! can't wait to cook this for my beloved @dafnelately also gonna try to make chilli with this some day.

O meu molho bolognese não deixa nada a desejar. Também uso esse produto para

preparar burritos, sopas e etc.

Fantastic for making vegan burrito, vegan tacos, vegan bbq sandwich. Great plain too.
My dog

loves this too!
Never give up taco Tuesday.

These aren’t my favorite crumbles in terms of texture but they’re still good. We used

them in chili and they worked out fine.

I like adding these to sauce and using it with pasta. Tastes pretty decent

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