Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg

by Moo Free
4.07 (9)
  • Is Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg vegan? Yes! Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

This is the most fun looking chocolate egg ever 🤩 it has white chocolate and

MARSHMALLOWS on it!! Hollow and empty inside as expected. Bae said it’s too sugary, I think that’s what chocolate eggs are all about 😋 I loooove it. Also Moo Free is named the most ethical dairy free manufacturer, with obviously no animals harmed, ethical working conditions in the production and they support several charities for example National Autistic Society 🤍

😻 Ce bonheur d'avoir des vrais Pâques pour les enfants...dommage qu'on ne trouve pas en

France 😓

I really like this brand, however - I think their chocolate quality has fallen behind

a little with the rise of competitors like Rhythm 108, Ombar, and other really good quality chocolate brands. The chocolate is just too sweet and sugary - the actual chocolate content is just 37% and sadly it tastes like it. On the plus side, their products are #glutenfree #palmoilfree #soyafree and their chocolate is Rainforest Alliance certified. This particular egg has a small patch of marshmallows and white chocolate drops to make it a bit more exciting. Also, the egg is in plastic which really doesn’t seem necessary given that so many Easter eggs are now just packaged in foil and cardboard. I’d love to see Moo Free keep their current small-company ethics, but improve their chocolate #veganeaster #easteregg

My boyfriend had this Easter egg from his mum but he let me try some

of the chocolate for this review! It’s a bit of a strange design to have this milk chocolate egg that only has a pretty small patch with white chocolate and marshmallows pressed into it. The milk chocolate is fairly good, it’s not the best vegan milk chocolate I’ve had but as an Easter egg it’s okay. This egg costs £3.50, and it’s the standard fairly small size that Easter eggs are so it’s fairly good value (although it’s always better value to just buy chocolate bars!). I wouldn’t choose to have this Easter egg myself but it’s fairly nice and kids would probably like it. The packaging is cute and supposedly it’s all recyclable including the plastic inside but I’m not sure how easy that will be. I’m not the biggest fan of Moo Free’s chocolate, but they’re a good UK brand with great values.

Really liked the chocolate flavour. Also liked the fact that there were 2 different chocolate

types with marshmallows & chocolate chips on it which gave the chocolate a chewy bit. Not too thin chocolate, it was a good thickness and also good sized egg🍫😍.

#veganisnotscary #veganeaster #chocolate

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