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Oreo Cereal

by Mondelēz International


3.47 (11)

  • Is Oreo Cereal vegan? Yes! Oreo Cereal is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 87%

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15 January 2022
It’s so good with soy milk. It’s also great in yogourt or for snacking.

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I was walking down the aisle…. They were staring at me…. I just had to

take em home!
V nice taste, but the price is too high for me (€ 3,99) so I’m not sure I’d buy again. Found at Esselunga

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On offer for £3 in Tesco at the moment. To me, these don't taste that

much like Oreo's. They're nice but for the price, I'll stick to supermarket own brand cereals. #abillionturns3

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Oreo cereal is vegan!!
Not too great I prefer Oreo itself but if you’re Oreo lover

you’ll like it
*found it in panda amwaj mall*

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