Organic Sprouted Bean Curd

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My PT has been having a go at me for not loading up on proteins,

and asking me to consider sprouted beans. I told him that I don't love my body enough to go that far, but got this #tofu when I saw the word 'sprouted', out of curiosity 😂 And, it wasn't terrible!

But I'm really not very good/creative with tofu, I just pan-fried the thing in rice wine and soy sauce, then slapped a load of savoury things on top 🤭 In my kitchen that counts as cooking 😛

I absolutely adore organic tofus like these

They're just so different from the ones we usually

have in restaurants

Smooth, silky, firm - naught more I can ask for

Worthy of discussion is the debate surrounding the possible downsides to consuming tofu frequently (due to the gypsum ingredient used as a common coagulant)

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