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kakao drink

by Milram
3.77 (6)
  • Is kakao drink vegan? Yes! kakao drink is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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Kakao Drink

Der Drink ist süß und hat eine angenehme, nicht zu intensive Kakao Note.

Relativ Teuer,

aber praktisch für unterwegs.

Natürlich darf der Papierstrohhalm eingepackt in Plastikfolie nicht fehlen 🙃

the taste is pretty nice. i hate the straw that comes with it because it’s

made of paper and so small. because of that, it closes up after a while and then drinking becomes a bit of a challenge😅

(around 2€ at rewe)

If you like a bit of Choc in your oat milk, this is an affordable

breakfast companion. Comes with a paper straw( but wrapped in plastic, go figure) so you can take this on the go..
i don’t think This is a fully vegan company. They might have a couple of vegan options besides this. I don’t know

i reallyyyy didn't like this chocolate milk. it's oat milk tho and i'm usually not

a big fan of oat milk drinks anyway. wouldn't get it again but get soy instead

Molto buona questa bevanda vegetale al cacao. Presa da edeka.

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