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by Milram
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Best vegan cream cheese I've tried so far, no lie. Super creamy, super intense taste.

I had it in burritos as well, damn. Very authentic. Good job, Milram. Keep going. Found at Kaufland.

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The spread tastes light like yoghurt and is dressed with herbs. It goes well with

bread, but also for dipping. I find it very successful in contrast to many other spreads that only consist of fat. One of my favourites. Must try.

#favorite #musttry #veganspread

Product info
Vegetable spread with pea protein and spring herbs
Weight: 155g

Opinion: An imitation curd cheese, based

on peas, with a light taste and a touch of herbs. The texture is extremely creamy and spreads easily, melting on warm bread.
Another alternative for vegans to spread on bread, with a total of three flavours.

The packaging details are in eye-catching and vibrant colours, catching your attention when visiting the supermarket fridges. This one in particular has an appealing name, as we are in the beloved season that opens its doors to summer.

Price 1.49 € (at Rewe Supermarket)
The price, as always, is affordable, if compared to the vegan products from my home country (Brazil), where only rich people can buy this kind of product.

Pea product (water, 4.5% pea protein*), coconut fat, modified starch, spring onion, parsley, horseradish, onion, salt, starch, alcohol vinegar, thickening agents carob gum, carrageenan; emulsifier mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, acidification culture. *In the final product
May contain traces of MILK.

Allergen information: May contain: Milk and dairy products (including lactose).

As it is an industrialized product, do not expect something extremely healthy, but at least it has a source of protein (peas)

Positive aspects: although not vegan, the company is concerned with sustainability and tries to apply it in their products, replacing the plastic lid for an aluminum one, among other actions that you can find on their website.

Negative aspects: the company is not vegan and is part of the largest dairy company in Germany, DMK Group.

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Frühlings Streich

Ein cremig, lockerer Aufstrich welcher eine gewisse saure Note hat.
Ist eine gute und empfehlenswerte


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