Mi Goreng Perisa Asli

by MiKami
4.20 (1)
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Most helpful reviews

Amazingly, this is the first vegan original mee goreng. Is it me or is that

kind of long overdue? #noodleaddict on the rage for more vegan #instantnoodles 😜 I also want to preface that the scrambled tofu beside my noodles are a little purple. Simply an indication of me not washing the dark bleed from cooking my black rice the just before 👉 https://www.abillion.com/reviews/622a19fdd79b10009de4eb4f

With this being a such hit after their curry flavour 👉 https://www.abillion.com/reviews/6220c01a12e4340094d890b6 This album is just banger after banger. It tastes almost exactly like, the very quintessential, Ibumie brand. As a Malaysian, I think that’s monumental. The only difference was that this was a little sweeter and didn’t have that chicken dust (like those good ol’ Mamee Monster snack). The noodle is pretty bouncy but if you pay close attention it dries out a little quicker as it sits compared to most 🧐

Your typical pricing of the same thing but #vegan at RM 5 ? Absolutely #worthit

I recommend this AND their other flavours to see which suits you best! 😁👌

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