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Pure Peace Body Wash

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  • Is Pure Peace Body Wash vegan? Yes! Pure Peace Body Wash is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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10 January 2021
The smell of this is lovely.

#Veganuary #VeganIn2021 #VeganBodyWash #VeganLondon #Lavera #TheFutureIsVegan #VeganismIsJustice #AnimalLiberation #GranjitaTyH

#LibresAlFin #TierraDeAnimales

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Love Method products! This is my second favorite scent. Such a gentle and

sweet fragrance. Lathers up nice in a loofa.

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To be a commercial/ supermarket product is a good one. The smell is good, but

it doesn't last a long on the skin. The price is good for this big bottle.

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