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Grillknödel Klassik

by Meggle
3.80 (4)

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Vegan bread dumplings to barbecue or roast in the pan, I think it's quite original

as I've never heard of barbecue dumplings before. Unfortunately they taste rather boring and not as good as the barbecue dumplings with roasted onions from the same brand. The texture is good and the patties keep their shape on the grill. Price 2,69 €.

Grill Knödel

Diese Grill Knödel schmeckt extrem gut! Außen kross und innen weich. Der Geschmack nach

Knödel ist auch richtig intensiv

Never heard of 'Grillknödel' before, so I had to try these. The texture was really

good but it tasted quite boring. I guess they would be better with some herbs in it.

Eine gute Idee aber geschmacklich nicht der Hammer. Vielleicht muss man sie noch mehr grillen.

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