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Marmite yeast extract

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21 February 2023
Childhood favourite 🥰

My first time eating a #marmite #sandwich 😜 we Singaporeans prefer cooking with

it. Eight Treasures #Vegetarian Restaurant does a pretty good Marmite Pork Ribs and I love it so much that I had them cater for my wedding, with marmite chicken being one of the dishes. It’s easy to find marmite #friedrice in zichar places but they’re not veg-friendly 😢 I usually just make them at home.

#yeastextract #b12

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Today marks the start of the ABV October Challenge (eek! 🤩) and it also happens

to be my hubby’s birthday 🥳

So, what better way to kick off than with his absolute FAVOURITE spread: Marmite. Currently there seems to be a shortage going on in SA so it is cherished stuff in our house!

Savoury, salty, contains B12, and if I were to give it anything less than 5 stars it would likely end in divorce 😂🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

#veganisnotscary 🎃👻🧡
#greyton #greytonfarmanimalsanctuary

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This was my first time trying #marmite. I feel so #british 🇬🇧 now. I had

been warned that it was quite #salty so it was probably less so than I was expecting. Just a tiny bit on some #homemade toasted #sourdough was quite nice, though I don’t know that I’d want to have a marmite sandwich every morning 😆

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The vegemite review @rupertpiers posted yesterday reminded me of my long forgotten jar of its

twin, Marmite, sealed away after the first teeny tiny try🤫☠️
Seems like a sign to give it another go. So I pulled out my ladder and extricated it all the way from the back of the top shelf of a cabinet (exaggerated for dramatic effect🎭).
For some reason, which would be clear in a second, it’s really hard to uncap it. Once it’s finally open, my oh my, The Empire Strikes Back!!! 😈😱 Apparently, all this time, it’s not been dormant at all but actually grown ever bigger🌱🌱🌱(see second pic).
Ever a rebel, I’m not gonna back down, am I? Only planned to take another teeny tiny bite initially, now I’ll have to go all the way in, and show you who’s the boss🤌🏼
Hence the decidedly classic move to spread a good chunk to my toast, with avocado of course (not classic but it’s 2021 now🤷🏻‍♀️). And... I’ll be honest... it tastes p r e t t y good.
I don’t know what happened between then and now. Something to do with the “aging” maybe, like wine? It’s not as deadly salty (still salty though) as I remembered and bombarded me of full-on mushroomy umami flavor🍄❤️ I tried another bit on its own and it confirmed the transformation🧚🏻‍♀️
This is definitely not the ending I’d expected. I was a vehement skeptic just this morning, the moment before I bit on my toast! Now I’m a #marmite convert?🖤 I guess it’s true that life surprises you when it’s least expected🎉
Maybe I’ll even give Vegemite a try (if ever this gritty little jar stops growing...)
#abillionlove #umamibomb #sauce

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Marmite yeast extract has always been my favorite. I add this into my brown rice

porridge for extra flavor. I may also add 1 teaspoon of marmite to 1 cup of warm water to make a delicious instant marmite soup. 😋

Don't be put off by the intense savoury taste of marmite. Our digestion process actually requires some salt. In addition, a new study has suggested that eating marmite could have positive impact on brain activity. It is said that marmite, being rich in vitamin B12, can help our body to produce the neurotransmitter for healthy brain. 😄 #vpantry #condiments #soup #b12

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