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Prawn Cocktail

by Mackie's of Scotland


4.11 (7)

  • Is Prawn Cocktail vegan? Yes! Prawn Cocktail is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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12 November 2021
Really loved these. Thicker than your average potato chip but still airy and crunchy due

to the ridges. Amazing how much it really tastes like prawn cocktail as well with the herbs and spices that they used to get that sweet/savory flavour profile! Always puzzled when people shit on veganism cuz apparently the food is bland… as if meat would taste any good without seasoning 🙄


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I don't remember how prawns taste like. 😂 They used prawn cocktail seasoning, which consists

of sugar, salt, and malt barley vinegar. Looking at the ingredients lists, they did deliver on the flavor. I like the crunchiness of these chips! 😋

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Sensational! I don't remember ever tasting anything like this. wow! what a flavour explosion, the

Scottish know how to make mean crisps, so crunchy and firm, really one of the best I've had, well done 👏. As for prawn flavouring I'm not sure bout that one, they should rename it to supreme crisps 👍.

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