Karma Solid Perfume

  • Is Karma Solid Perfume vegan? Yes! Karma Solid Perfume is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Smell like a hippy! Great notes of patchouli, lemongrass, lavender and orange. A warm and

enticing smell. The solid version is so easy to carry around and it’s an instant pick me up. #jaan

Perfume sólido con olor a cítricos. Huele muy fresco y se puede llevar en el

avión sin problemas al ser sólido. Al final el olor siempre lo termino asociando a los viajes ❤️

Profumo solido Karma di Lush, l’ho preso principalmente per il nome e perché voglio smettere

di usare il profumo liquido ma questo sembra non lasciare più di tanto profumo, forse preferisco usare gli oli essenziali. Magari devo testarlo meglio boh...

This has a lovely orangey scent, but it’s quite difficult to apply once you’ve used

the top layer of it (which can be applied by just rubbing the jar on your pulse points), I don’t like having to dig it out and rub it using my fingers, it kinda makes me cringe 😣 #huntsabs

I absolutely love this solid perfume! Always have it in my bag, wonderful smell and

perfect for when I’m on-the-go! 🤩 #abillionxkinder

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