Gummy Bear - gelatina da doccia

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I should’ve reviewed this while it was still in season, for #easter actually, but there’s

an off chance your local LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics still has them in stock! This is the best smelling soap I’ve ever tried from them! Citrusy and gosh what a delight to use! 🍊It somehow feels more soapy than their other shower jellies, shame it’s only a seasonal thing! Also how can you resist such a cute bear 🥺 #bestpicks #crueltyfree #soap

Lascia un profumo buonissimo di mango ed è divertentissima da usare 🤣 c’è scritto di

provare a usarla ghiacciata, non vedo l’ora che faccia un pochino più caldo per provare 😆

💰 Costo 7,50€

📍 Acquistato da Lush.

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