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Dream Cream

by LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


4.59 (46)

  • Is Dream Cream vegan? Yes! Dream Cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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2 June 2022
@paniwilson picked up a lot of these samples for us at #vws2022 thinking they were

drinks and little tubs of vegan ice cream, and I couldn't stop laughing when he told me 🤣
I was happy to try some new Lush products though!! Most of them were fabulous. I like this moisturizer a lot! We got 2 different batches of the same moisturizer (see photo 2 & 3). The container with DREAM CREAM in big letters, made by Marlon on 21 Sept 21 was the better batch, IMO! It is not as thick as the other batch so it is easier to apply, but also smells better and has a lovely cooling effect on the skin.

#abillionlove #veganin2022 #veganisnotscary #abillionxkinder #crueltyfreebeauty

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🥰 crema super hidratante pero bastante ligera, a pesar de que es densa (no sientes

estar poniendote agua con olor como con otras marcas) se absorbe bastante rápido. Cunde mucho pq con poca cantidad ya haces. Olor super caracteristico de Lush, huele intenso, a ingredientes reales y no a perfumes quimicos.

📦👌👌💚 algo genial q tiene lush es que puedes devolver los botes vacíos a sus tiendas para volverles a dar una nueva vida y por cada 5 envases que lleves te regalan una mascarilla para la cara 🙃
Además, el envase está hecho 100% con plástico reciclado.

🙏 En el envase indican qué ingredientes son orgánicos y de comercio justo. Suma y sigue 🤗

💰5.95€ el envase pequeño


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Oat milk and rose scent 🥀Super good for sensitive skin, great for body and hands.

Reviewing this before I recycle at another Lush (when you do, you get a small mask tub of your choice in return - it's a great way to try more of their fresh masks) This is the last from my Korea stash from 2015 lol. It sure lasts long but not that long I swear I've finished it up within 12 months.

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È particolare quindi consiglio di sentirne l’odore prime dell’acquisto. Questo è un vecchio barattolo che

conservo per quando un giorno andrò a Milano: se riconsegnate 5 barattoli lush si riceve una maschera in regalo, ma più importate...verranno riciclate!

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