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  • Cre&m Wafer Bar White Choc
  • Cre&m Wafer Bar White Choc

Cre&m Wafer Bar White Choc

by LoveRaw


4.23 (225)

  • 2021 Best Chocolate Spain
  • 2021 Best Chocolate UK
  • Is Cre&m Wafer Bar White Choc vegan? Yes! Cre&m Wafer Bar White Choc is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 35%

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18 October 2023
Price: £1.50 (Tesco)

Bought as part of a meal deal. The obvious comparison is that of

Kinder Bueno bars but I think these taste better than Buenos. The hazelnut cream is top tier and goes really nice with the white chocolate. It can come across as very sweet but it wasn't sickly sweet to me.

Clearly marked vegan and palm oil free on the front.

Would repurchase

#loveraw #chocolate #veganchocolate #whitechocolate #veganwhitechocolate #palmoilfree

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I loved these bars - the #whitechocolate was smooth and the creamy inside was delicious

(I couldn’t help eating them both at the same time!) I don’t think I’ll buy them again though just because they are wrapped in so much non-recyclable #plastic! I read on their website it is to preserve the #wafers and reduce food waste which is good but can’t they use less plastic/recyclable plastic or another recyclable material?
#loveraw #plasticpolice #plasticisscary #chocoholic #chocolatebar #snackbar

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I don’t love white chocolate, so wasn’t expecting much but wowowow it’s amazing!! Crunchy wafer,

gooey filling, and sweet chocolate all topped off with a pretty drizzle. 2 bars come in a pack so you can share. #whitechocolate #musttry

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