Granola Mango Macadamia

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Most helpful reviews

This granola looks amazing but somehow I see it as something perfect for spring summer

because of its mango and macadamia ( this is very original)! Had it this morning with oat milk and coffee as it’s rather cold outside and it’s just doing the job ( had pizza yesterday so needed something lighter this am! You don’t need to add sugar with these or syrup (which I did ) as the granola it’s already quite sugary.
#granola #veganbreakfast

Haferflocken, Rapsöl, Oligofruktose, Kokosraspeln, Fruktose, Makadamianussstücke, Mangopüree, Apfeldicksaft, schwarzer Rübensirup, Kürbiskerne, Gold Leinsamen, Sonnenblumenkerne, getrocknete Mangostücke-sehr guter Müslimix,

aber nicht gerade preisgünstig.

I really enjoyed this granola mix! So glad they don't put any honey in their

granolamixes like most other brands do. Not to sweet and nice crunch effect due to the macadamia. #veganuary

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