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Root Beer Kombucha

by Live Kombucha


3.73 (3)

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25 February 2020
Holy sh*t this stuff is GOOD! I had really low expectations because root beer kombucha

just sounds weird. But it actually tastes like regular root beer! It’s got a little bit of an odd aftertaste, but I am so pleasantly surprised. Way better alternative to regular soda! Price: less than $2

#kombucha #soda #rootbeer

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400th review.... Hadn't drank root beer in a long time. Brought me back to childhood

days of rootbeer floats. This thing is really tasty, not overly fizzy and carbonated either, can drink it immediately. I will be getting this often. Big fan of this brand right now. I think it's cheaper and has less sugar than most kombuchas too. #organic #veganisnotscary 95/90 #9090challenge

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Does not taste like root beer at all. I mean don't get me wrong it

taste pleasant enough but not like root beer.

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