Mini Crispy Wafers Dark Chocolate

by Little secrets
4.30 (8)
  • Is Mini Crispy Wafers Dark Chocolate vegan? Yes! Mini Crispy Wafers Dark Chocolate is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 43%


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Most helpful reviews

Whoa, these are incredible. The perfect amount of sea salt and sweetness with a crispy


NOTE - This was with other vegan candy on the shelves, but the packaging doesn't state that they are vegan. However, their website confirms that these are vegan friendly. I thought that was a bit odd.


These are a great, not overly sweet snack. I wished there was less packaging though!

They are individually wrapped and then in another plastic bag.

I'm so excited about these. Like your standard vanilla wafers but dipped in a hard

layer of chocolate - AND VEGAN! The only negative is the shell of chocolate can crumble and fall off a bit when you take a bite. But these are a tasty treat! Individually wrapped.

I was a die hard kitkat fan before going vegan and I have missed them

tremendously. Seeing these at whole foods literally made me shed a little tear. The salt on top perfectly compliments the dark chocolate, which isn’t bitter at all. The crunchy wafer is really good. They aren’t exactly the same as a kitkat but they are amazing either way!

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