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Severed Lime

by Liquid death
4.80 (5)
  • Is Severed Lime vegan? Yes! Severed Lime is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I truly love the carbonation ratio on this sparkling water and even though it's refreshing

and tastes delicious, I try not to consume sparkling water with calories.

20 calories per can is miniscule compared to other brands and even though this tastes yummy, I prefer the classic sparkling water instead 💦

Overall, this tastes delicious and it kind of reminds me of " Sprite " without the syrup taste. Yes, I recommend it 😋

Instagram: LiquidDeath
Website: ⤵️

So I’m going on a road trip and I stop for a beverage, I find

this , oh a flavor I haven’t tried before , let’s see what I think, omg the lime ties the whole thing together , what a funky lovely flavor addition

A superior tall-boy of sparkling water sweetened with agave syrup. Actually tastes great!

i have a friend that hates drinking water and convinced her this is just ✨healthy

sprite✨ and now she loves this stuff 12/10

((i had to add a ridiculous pic hehe))

I've literally been binge drinking liquid death drinks, I'm in love with all of these

drinks they are so delicious & so refreshing 💚

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