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  • Plant-Based Chicken Tenders

Plant-Based Chicken Tenders

by Lightlife


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  • Is Plant-Based Chicken Tenders vegan? Yes! Plant-Based Chicken Tenders is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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27 October 2022
#veganmeat #meatalternative These vegan chicken tenders taste really good! They’re crunchy and the texture resembles

real chicken but they’re plant based. They cook quickly in the oven and are super convenient for making a quick meal. The only thing I don’t like is the package comes with some plastic.

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These Lightlife Plant-Based Chicken Tenders are such a game-changer for anyone into that low-key chk’n

tenders and fries kinda vibe.. the breading is tasty in a simple, no frills sort of way and crisps up nicely when baked/air fried while the inside has a chew and moistness to it that you’d expect from an actual chicken tender. The size is also pretty on point in that the tenders are larger than the tiny ones typical of the plastic frozen bags. They’re definitely nothing fancy by any means and I would love some more seasoning to taste but I think they’re probably the most realistic vegan tenders I’ve tried so far and dunk well in any sauce you want! 🍗🍟 #veganisnotscary

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These chicken tenders are pretty good! They average about 4 grams of protein per tender,

which isn't bad at all. The outside breading crisps up real nice in the air fryer, the inside sometimes has a tough chewy texture which I think could be improved. I paired this with some tabbouleh quinoa and spinach and it was a nice hearty meal. These tenders are very thin, I'm a fan of thicker style tenders like Gardein's so that's a con for me. Overall pretty good tenders, I've had these multiple times by themselves, in sandwiches, sliced up in salads, etc. Would buy again.

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I just loved this product! However they state a portion is two tenders and I

would not really agree.
The whole box to me would be a little more than one portion but two little for two… make it at least 6 pieces!

I bought it in a small grocery store in
💰 $ 7.00 approximately

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