Plant Based Burgers

by Lightlife
4.18 (47)
  • Is Plant Based Burgers vegan? Yes! Plant Based Burgers is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 83%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Of all the plant-based burgers I’ve tried, this one is always my go-to. You can

try it in many different ways. Like salad 🔝
#hazteveg #govegan #vegan

This is a very decent burger and not as expensive as beyond burgers. Highly recommend!


Del primer bocado me recordó al sabor que recuerdo de unos burgers de cadáver de

vaca y cerdo que yo comía en mis tiempos no-veganos, la marca "El Gordito". Esos eran los burgers de animales que mis padres compraban y yo los comía cuando pequeño sin conocer la gran cantidad de crueldad y asesinato que estaba metiendo. Cuerpos triturados en mi cuerpo.

Me ha traído esa memoria, me gustaron estos #PlantBased #burgers 😉😯👌🏽 #VeganoPorLosAnimales #VeganForTheAnimals
#PlantBasedForTheEnvironment #PlantBasedForThePlanet #PlantBasedForHealth #NonGMO #NonGMOProjectVerified

#PuertoRico #PuertoRicoVegano

We got this thanks to a friend who gifted us with a Purple Carrot box.

This burguers are so amazing we have been looking for more in every Star Market in Boston, but we still haven’t found any. I will say that between the Beyond brand and this one, I could be satisfied with both equally. If anyone has a clue on where to find them in Boston PLEASE HELP US!

This particular meatless product recently improved the recipe and it's better when I first tried

it out. Beyond Burger may be the king of meat analogues, this would be another good option, even for the skeptical yet curious omnivore in your family. The announcement on the package says it all. It's wonderful! #mercyforanimals

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