Lemonade Popcorn

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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Compared to the Grapefruit one, this delivers much more zest 🍋
It’s almost like lemonade

got splashed on the popcorn haphazardly, emphasis on “haphazardly”🎉
But it’s not the uneven distribution that disagrees with me. It’s the flavor itself. If it’s zesty + spicy, I might like it🤔 But zesty + sweet + corn? Not my cup of tea…
At least they tried🌡
#popcorn #snack #lemonade

Y’all this flavor is so weird. Not gonna pretend like it’s not. But it’s a

good weird. I’ve never had citrus and popcorn together. Never thought I wanted to. But this is amazing and healthy! Also gluten free.

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