Cookie Pecan Chocolat Sans Gluten

by Le Bon Saens
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🙏🍪This cookie is very much like its dark black chocolate & cocoa brother that I

reviewed separately.
🍪Shape/Conditioning: Single portion individually wrapped cookie.
Ingredients: A lot of cane sugar (too much to my taste), pecan nuts, 15% of black chocolate pellets. These cookies are gluten free, and almond flour, white rice flour and manioc starch are used instead of classic flour. The fats are coprah and sunflower oil. Thanks to the use of almond flour, the protein content is decent foor a cookie of this type: 5,1 g for 100 g of product. But 33 g of sugar for 100 g is really a lot!
🍪Taste/bite: They taste very good, but to my taste they are oversweet. Right after finishing them, it felt like having done a solid overdose of sugar that felt even a bit bad in the stomach. What a pity. Because the pecan nut flavour combined with the chocolate pellets is very rich and the cookies are very chewy with a soft bite. If only these were less sugared, they’d be awesome. They also have a tendency to fall apart easily, so beware!
🍪💶Price: Currently (December 2022) available over here in Belgium at various stores for about 2,99 € a piece for one cookie of 65 g. So this is an expensive treat.
🍪Packaging: plastic wrapper with a very simple sticker up front that says “Gluten Free”, and a very basic sticker at the back with the nutritional information. I like the simplicity but regret the plastic used for wrapping. Also, the sticker with the nutritional info is badly printed, with very small lettering and the print sometimes being partly wiped out. It looks as if it’s made with a very old inktjet style home printer. Definitely can be improved.
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