Organic Italian Parsley

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I love love herbs, especially the leafy ones that I can eat just like any

other tender greens, e.g. cilantro, parsley🌿
But sometimes the enthusiasm has unplanned consequences. Like when I forgot I’d already had a bunch in the fridge and bought another🙄 The easiest and most effective way I’ve learnt so far to use up a bouquet of parsley, except for making a large batch of green smoothie, is to make a small batch of #chimichurri💚 And that’s what I did today. All it took was some chopping and time for marinade, and I got this bowl of vibrant, fragrant yumminess ready to accompany any savory dish. I added a scoop to the quinoa/black bean patty for lunch, and it’s divine☺️
Besides its refreshing aroma and color, #parsley is packed with nutrients, especially rich in vitamin A, K1 (good for your eyes and bones) and other antioxidants. As a natural diuretic and hormonal regulator, it’s been used as a natural remedy to help detoxification and alleviate cramps. A humble yet powerful plant that I’ll never stop loving (and eating😋)
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