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Bevanda Di Riso

by La Via Del Grano
4.73 (6)
  • Is Bevanda Di Riso vegan? Yes! Bevanda Di Riso is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 60%

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Most helpful reviews

My favourite plant milk & plant milk brand of all time! 🍚🥛 My top list

of non dairy milk options are 1) Rice Milk 2) Oat Milk 3) Cashew Milk & 4) Soy Milk 5) Almond Milk... i could go on.
I have tried many brands that produces rice milk but nothing compares to Rice & Rice Probios’. It is an Italian brand that offers a wide range of vegan products & i do feel that their brand is not getting the recognition it deserves.

Rice & Rice Probios also has a cacao flavoured rice milk too if you prefer a chocolate-tasting milk option!

📍Purchased from Supernature (Forum Mall, Orchard)

Finally i would just like to add on that 70% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Not to mention, dairy increases the risk of cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer & prostate cancer. It also furthers the susceptibility of acne & antibiotic resistance in humans. An increase in bone fractures & osteoporosis has also been linked to a high consumption of dairy products. Of course it is undoubtedly true that we need calcium for bone health, but not the calcium from a cow or any other animal for that matter. There are tons of calcium-rich plant foods that provides a far better source of nutrition for your body 🌱💪🏻

I have been introducing milk alternatives to my mum to help her with her breast cancer, & she has grown to love oat milk the most. I am happy to say that she has ditched dairy products by a significant amount!

So you do not have to needlessly contribute to a cruel cause for your taste satisfaction. Watch “Dairy is Scary” on youtube & drink #plantmilk ✌🏻

Latte vegetale MOLTO dolcioso. Io lo adoro per il caffé latte ma non sono mai

riuscita a montarlo per fare il cappuccino.

Bevanda di riso completamente senza zucchero per questo adatto in caso di diete ipocaloriche e

problemi di glicemia. Nel complesso se in aggiunta si insaporisce con caffè o altro, è gradevole

Tutta al naturale, prodotto da riso italiano e senza glutine. Gradevole e versatile

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