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by Kühne


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  • Is Sauerkraut vegan? Yes! Sauerkraut is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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9 January 2021
We.love this brand of sauerkraut and find ourselves eating it just like it co.es with

a fork as a snack!! #veganuary #greytonfarmanimalsanctuary

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This sauerkraut is pretty good and it has very minimal ingredients which is nice! I

believe it’s very easy to make at home though so I’ll try that next time. #veganisnotscary 55/90

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I love sauerkraut!
I love it with cooked breakfasts - accompanying beans or tofu scramble

or or avocado or mushrooms on toast - delish!
This brand is cheap & cheerful but doesn’t give you all the gut-friendly factor of a proper fermented raw sauerkraut. It’s pretty mild taste wise.

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This product is imported so it is a little pricey, but tastes great. I consume

a teaspoon per day for the probiotics and Vitamin K. It is a large jar so it lasts at least 5 weeks.

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