Kresho Bar

by Kresho
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  • Is Kresho Bar vegan? Yes! Kresho Bar is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

We've given this traditional sweet a progressive twist. Our nougat is chewy like a slightly short torrone. Our almonds are slow roasted with a beautiful crunch. Our chocolate is pure couverture. We've combined them all in a delightful ratio and packed them in a bar we think you'll love. Intended to be consumed at room temperature but if you like a crunchy nougat try placing it in the fridge. Enjoy!


nuts and soya


nuts and soya


nuts and soya


nuts and soya

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Favourite bits were the chunks of almond nuts inside, with some molten chocolate in combo

with the chocolate cover on the outside. Tasted like a proper delicious chocolate bar! #EverydayVeganShop #dogsofabv

So sticky and reminiscent of Snickers, but vegan! Love the texture of the nuts. Definitely

want to get this again at some point 😍 #everydayveganshop

#chocoholicreward #thankuabv🙏 #thanksguys #forurkindwordsnlikes😂 #abillionveg

1st time seeing & getting to know Kresho brand 😚 from

Australia~ lovely

Not trying to be punny but their choc bars have really raised the "bars" of excellence & quality 🤭

Loved every bit of this almond nougat shamelessly smothered in fairtrade choc 😛 very solid & authentic
---> look at that cross section!

Only thing that's regrettable is the fact that it contains 2 sweeteners in a single bar : sugar & glucose syrup :/

Kresho is basically the #vegan Moro bar - hence it was delicious!! Given freely from

my partner’s work and he saved it for me. While I’m usually happy to share food to promote #plantbased it’s not like I can walk into any store and see these, and they’re probably pricier than Moro bars so … I got pretty possessive of it. Get your own vegan #chocolate bar if you like them so much, haha!

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