Koka Signature Stir Fry Original

by Koka
3.87 (3)
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Most helpful reviews

Dry noodle, meant to be served without a broth. The flavors aren't great, within Koka

their spicy Singapore noodle does it better, and is still far off the Nongshim vegan ramen. Taste more pepper-y than spicy. #jaan

Finding vegan instant noddle has been so difficult! But I chanced upon these at NTUC

Fairprice supermarket yesterday. They have a number of diff flavour but I went with the basic option to give it a go. ($2.20 for pack of 5)

The packaging indicated that the product is suitable for vegetarians, but I have read the label and it’s vegan friendly.

I felt quilty for eating instant noodle so I tossed in some sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli and kale ( check my previous review of this amazing Tesco product)

Quick 10 min meal, swipe to the last image to see how it looked in the end!

Personally am not really a fan of the slightly artificial aftertaste of the noodles and

how the seasoning tastes like MSG even though there supposedly isn’t haha. People who like MSG-like seasoning may like this! Comes with a seasoning sachet and seasoning oil to be mixed into the noodles after cooking. #noodles

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