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Clarification first: it’s non-alcohol. Now that’s out of the way...

It had been sitting on my

shelf for months, receiving my enduring admiration of the font😍 But I’d yet to feel the “need” to open it. I rarely have trouble falling asleep and enjoy all my crazily vivid dreams, so thank you very much.

Until this week...following the daylight saving switch (urgh, why is it still here?!!!), I started to sleep an hour late but still wake up at the same time😓 Not happy about being short-charged of my most treasured period of the day (technically the night), I decided it’s finally time to give it a shot😉🥃 And it worked! (maybe?)

It could just be that my body finally adapted to the new “time zone”, or it’s placebo effect. But I started to get drowsy within 30 min of taking it🥱 It also didn’t strip off my dream experience despite the name (I know L-theanine usually works in my favor 💭).

The only problem is the taste. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s pretty yucky on its own. Since it’s a blend of #adaptogen and #nootropic botanics, it has a strong and complex medicinal taste (and I don’t mean like gin), on par with a modified schizendra (a Chinese herb that has all five flavors). An equal amount of almond milk definitely helps; although coconut milk for some reason only accentuates the acidity and made it worse😖

I guess mixing it with some other things would taste much better, but I’d like to keep it simple before bed. Although I might experiment with a lower “dose” earlier in the day with extra ingredients and see how it goes🤞🏼
#abillionlove #plantpower

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