Eggless Kaya

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I won a jar from Hegg Foods giveaway on Instagram!! I had this in my

cart and was about to hit ‘buy’ when I saw their post; I tried my luck and got it!

Kaya is a coconut jam popular in the Southeast Asian region; it’s made with coconut milk, eggs and sugar. There are already vegan kaya jams in the market, but they’re usually super artificially tasting or expensive. This eggless kaya costs $8.80 and contains 15 servings!

This is made by Singapore’s heritage brand Killiney and local plant-based egg startup Hegg; this limited-edition Eggless Kaya jam is made using 100% plant-based ingredients. There are no cholesterol, artificial sweetener or added preservatives in it, and it contains 60% less saturated fat than average #kaya.

You can have this with soda biscuits, pancakes, and ice creams, but I prefer having Kaya the traditional way — toasted white bread with butter (I used #nuttelex).

I can’t tell the difference between this and the non-vegan variety (I took a spoon of non-vegan Kaya to compare 🙃), so that’s a win. I highly recommend getting one to try. #hegg

Slightly more expensive than usual kaya, guess it’s cuz of the usage of eggless egg

as one of the ingredients? Nonetheless it tastes awesome and is a perfect match with plain bread for a quick breakfast 🍞😋

Handmade vegan friendly kaya. Not bad at all but a lil sweet for me. It

is not easy to find vegan kaya so am happy that this is available. Wish they can have vegan kaya toast in their menu so I can enjoy the good ol kopi and toast in the kopitiam.

Strong pandan taste but the spread is too sweet for my liking

Quite watery too

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