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by Katjes


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  • Is Tropen-Früchte vegan? Yes! Tropen-Früchte is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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14 April 2023
I love #gummies and had heard good things about this brand so I was excited

to give them a try!

Tropical #fruits are my favourite so this was the one I had to try first! One pack contains six different flavours: #passionfruit, #mango, #grapefruit, #kiwi and the more ambiguous flavours of ‘tropical’ and ‘exotic’
In addition to the juices of the fruits mentioned above it also includes #juice from apple, mandarin, pineapple, blood orange and guava. As well as natural citrus flavourings and natural flavourings.

I think they did a good job at setting the correct vibes for a #tropical theme! I don’t think they taste exactly the same as the fresh fruits themselves but you can tell what they resemble. ‘Exotic’ tastes kind of like #pineapple to me, while ‘tropical’ feels more like a #papaya mix.
The #fruit juices in addition to the sugar give a ‘natural sweetness’ taste instead of a plain sugary taste, which I overall find to make these #candies taste a little less #sweet compared to most gummies. Still good enough for my #sweettooth😋

The gummies are pretty dense and heavy in texture, so they have a good amount of chewiness and I really like that! It isn’t the kind that gets easily stuck to the teeth however, they’re a bit more ‘dry’ if that makes sense!

The design of the packaging is nice, who doesn’t appreciate a cute cockatoo☺️ The gummies themselves look pretty plain unlike some of their other products that I have seen.
They are #palmoilfree, #glutenfree and clearly labeled as #vegan. Their products are also #climateneutral and have #recyclablepackaging.

💵~20 NOK at Normal. Really good price and it’s a pretty large bag, good value for the money! Normal is the only store that carries them in Norway so far. (As far as I know.)

Looking forward to trying more of their flavours!

#vegangummies #vegansweets #candy #jellyfruits #sweets #vegancandy

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Vegan jellies! This company makes jellies without animal gelatin! They were nice, exotic flavours like

Mango, kiwi, grapefruit! I love that the company is climate neutral. You can read more at their site, they help people and environment in Africa!
#jellies #tropical

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Caramelle gommose alla frutta tropicale. C'è kiwi, mango (la più buona), passion fruit, pompelmo, exotic.

Non mi sono piaciute molto.

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Queste caramelle sono veramente buonissime, una droga. La consistenza è molto piacevole, il gusto ottimo.

Prese al Lidl. Super consigliate.

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