Nordic Oat Drink

by Jörd
4.71 (9)
  • Is Nordic Oat Drink vegan? Yes! Nordic Oat Drink is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Positives - this oat milk is delicious (as is their Oat & Hemp). It is

also pretty affordable and often on special offer!

Negatives - they do not seem to add some vitamins/nutrients that other fortified brands do [thinking of my B12 levels] and SADLY they are part of ARLA, but they do admit to this on their website and talk about ‘being their own brand’ so they understand the problematic relationship there…

Organic oat milk from nordics country.
It tastes good and very good price

Nordic Oat Drink

Dieser Haferdrink schmeckt sehr angenehm und lieblich. Kein unangeneher Nachgeschmack, nicht zu süß,

einfach perfekt!
Egal ob pur, oder im Kaffee!

Waitrose ran out of minor figures so I decided to try another brand that’s on

offer. After trying this with my coffee and on its own, I have to say it’s better consumed as a drink on its own. I didn’t enjoy how it tasted with my coffee, which was unfortunate. I guess I’ll be sticking to minor figures for the mylk used with coffee.

Price: £1.40 (discounted price)
Where to get: Waitrose

Muy muy buena aunque un poco aguada en comparación a la de Oatly

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