Jeanne Le Bleuté Végétal

by Jay&Joy
4.59 (249)

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Formaggio simil gorgonzola a base di mandorla, senza soia. Senza nulla non mi piaceva molto

e sebbene e la muffa fosse edibile ero un po’ schifosetta al riguardo. L’ho messo nel riso e l’ho accompagnato con delle verdure. Buono anche nella pasta, da aggiungere a fine cottura.
Preso su cuore vegano con la 90/90 challenge
Costo intorno ai 7€


Avevo alte aspettative perché da onnivora il gorgonzola e i formaggi erborinati erano per me

una droga.
Giudizio di questo: ni, ottima l'idea e anche la resa dopotutto, il gusto è gradevole ma... il confronto con l'originale è inevitabile e purtroppo non regge la sfida.
Peccato, comunque lo ricomprerei

I remember the countless cheese and wine evenings my

parents organised when I was a child, with platters full of cow, goat and sheep cheeses, the one more stinking than the other, accompanied by burgundy and bordeaux red wines and bread. It was one of their favorite meals when they had friends over.
Oh how I hated both the taste and smell of those cheeses and those wines, inevitably leading to a feeling of lethargy and indigestion. But anyway, I also learned to eat them, but I always kept the strongest tasting mouldy cheeses at a good distance … However, I can appreciate the flavour of a blue Roquefort in a sauce over a baked pear.
Let’s see whether “Jeanne/Le bleuté végétal” can do the trick!
Taste/bite: The texture is soft and creamy, easily spreadable even. It has the same smell and flavour as typical blue dairy cheeses such as Danish blue or Roquefort. Amazingly similar to the dairy predecessors. Cheese lovers have not a single reason left not to choose vegan cheese.
Ingredients: As with their “Joséphine” cheese, it is absolutely positive that they use very few, natural all organic ingredients: almond milk with 37% (!!!) almonds, coconut milk, cashew nuts , salt (Guérande sea salt) and ferments. Total absence of colouring and preserving agents and other chemicals. .
Price: I paid 6,95 € (January 2023), for a total weight of 90 g. Expensive, but for those who love this type of cheese occasionally on festive occasions, it is worthwhile, as it is free of animal suffering.
Shape/Conditioning: I could not help associating the artwork of the top lid with boxes of canned sardines … Furthermore, this is a flat, rectangular shaped piece of vegan cheese of 90 g, in a plastic wrapper, then packed in a rectangular wooden box with wooden lid. That’s a lot of luxury wrapping and packaging for such a small portion. And when I see this type of wooden veneer boxes used for food packaging, I feel uneasy. One part of me says: thank god it’s not plastic, and another part regrets that a tree, having grown for so long, was killed to be reduced to a single use throw away food container. They may as well create a beautiful box from recycled cardboard.
The brand is French and very innovative. I’ve said this before: they are also courageous, challenging the dairy cheese product market in France, right at the spot where dairy cheese making is seen as cultural heritage. So bravo for Jay & Joy! Well done! We need more companies like you!
#cheese #vegancheese #veganbluecheese #veganisnotscary #ditchdairy

J’avais envie de me faire une polenta 4 fauxmages et j’ai découvert le paradis avec

ce fromage. Ça ressemble vraiment au gorgonzola/ bleu et ça a donné exactement le même goût de celle que je mangeai ches ma mère ☺️. Trop bon!
I wanted to make a 4 cheeses polenta so i tried to add this cheese and i discovered that is exactly the same taste of my gorgonzola and the polenta i used to eat at my parents ☺️
#rifugiomiletta #ohanaanimalrescuefamily

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