Jack Nuggets

  • Is Jack Nuggets vegan? Yes! Jack Nuggets is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Okay I think these are the best nuggets out there!! They baked quickly and the

breading turned out pretty crispy. The inside texture is very similar to chicken and not mushy at all. The flavor is great too. I’m still hoping to find more McDonalds-style fried nuggets but these are good for now!

💲4.99 at Target in San Diego

#vegan #nuggets #vegannuggets #veganchicken #target #abillionturns3

Este es uno de los productos que puedes darle a comer a alguien no vegano

y no podrá darse cuenta que es una comida a base de plantas 🖤

El sabor y textura de estos nuggets es perfecto, definitivamente son un 10/10

#jackfruit #vegan #vegannuggets

Surprisingly really tasty! Historically, I’ve had a very low opinion of jackfruit as #fakemeat (many

unsatisfactory pulled jackfruit attempts later…) so these #nuggets had to overcome quite a lot of anti-jackfruit bias. Despite positive reviews from a number of abillioners I trust and admire, I had my doubts and didn’t expect to like these nuggets nearly as much as I did. #veganjunkfood

The highest praise I can give to any #jackfruit product: I could hardly tell they were jackfruit! The nuggets have such a tender, meaty chew and just the right amount of moisture, such that their thin, peppery breading crisps up really nicely without feeling dry. I heated them in the toaster oven at home and even brought a few to the office so I’d have the opportunity to test the air fryer — both methods delivered excellent, fast-food-adjacent results. They aren’t the healthiest or most nutritious — for one thing, the protein content isn’t competitive with other vegan nuggets — but they are tasty and made with fairly recognizable ingredients. Also, omnivore-approved! (At least, according to the one friend I asked to try them.) Although I wouldn’t eat these regularly, I do recommend and would get them again! Following this experience, I‘d even be open to trying some of jack & annie's other creations.

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