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  • Veggie Fette Delicate
  • Veggie Fette Delicate

Veggie Fette Delicate

by ioVEG


3.67 (118)

  • Is Veggie Fette Delicate vegan? Yes! Veggie Fette Delicate is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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26 October 2021
Le sorprese del Lidl.
Ottime per qualsiasi impiego.

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Buone , quando si apre la confezione si sente l’odore del formaggio, la consistenza

è friabile
Sulle verdure calde di sciogli e nella piadina calda si sciolgono e sono buone

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not my favorite cheese. the slices are small and there's not a lot of flavor

plus they take a while to melt. they do feel my mental need to have cheese on a sandwich and they were the least € of the options available. #vegancheese #ditchdairy #formaggiovegan i gave it another star because i am starting to like it - once it melts.

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