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by Il CashewFicio


4.67 (111)

  • 2021 Best Cheese Italy
  • Is Cipollino vegan? Yes! Cipollino is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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18 April 2023
Caciottina semi stagionata aromatizzata con erba cipollina - confezione sotto vuoto - #vegancheese #formaggiovegan #formaggio


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This one was very good. I liked and was one of my favorite. Of course

the erbs is very present so if you don't like this kind of erb I will not raccomend it. Although was very simple and is easy to recreate, I think I will buy again


#vegancheese #formaggivegan

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Not being one of the biggest onion lovers around, i still really like this plant

based cheese and especially enjoy the freshness that comes from the chives.

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