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  • Almond Orange Vegan Chocolate
  • Almond Orange Vegan Chocolate

Almond Orange Vegan Chocolate

by iChoc


4.28 (92)

  • Is Almond Orange Vegan Chocolate vegan? Yes! Almond Orange Vegan Chocolate is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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12 March 2023
I already love the pairing chocolate + orange already, if they decide to have let

almond join them things get very very interesting 😏 jokes aside, this chocolate is great, it's the best vegan chocolate I've had until now. I find the flavours very well balanced and it's also not chewy at all. My boyfriend liked it too 🥰 and the ingredients are not bad at all for this type of product!
💸 €1,95 #dm
#veganchocolate #chocoholic

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Tavoletta di cioccolato al latte al gusto arancia e mandorla. Davvero buono ! Non eccessivamente

zuccherino al palato, i sapori descritti arrivano bene.
#chocolate #almond #orange #ichoc

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I was given this chocolate bar at a vegan festival and I must admit that

it’s one of the best “milk” chocolates I’ve had. The taste is very balanced and delicate, the orange flavour is not too strong. It has a nice hint of almond too. The package is well curated, these bars would make a great gift. Absolutely recommended if you are a chocolate lover! Cherry on top, it is fair trade and organic. #fairtrade #fairtradechocolate #organic #veganmilkchocolate #orange #almond #noplastic #chocolatelover #biodegradable #compostable

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#organic Rice drink Couverture Chocolate with chopped Almonds & granulated Orange 🍫🍊
One of the

greatest combos ever 🤤 #chocoholic
This one from iChoc is probably my favourite orange & almonds chocolate! Not too sweet, just the exact amount 👌🏼
Ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice syrup powder 13%, chopped almonds 4%, granulated orange 3%, hazelnut paste, orange essential oil, bourbon vanilla extract.
Cocoa solids: 40% minimum
#abillionlove #chocolate #snack #almond

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