Cashew Butter + Raspberry Dark Chocolate

by Hu Kitchen
4.44 (15)
  • Is Cashew Butter + Raspberry Dark Chocolate vegan? Yes! Cashew Butter + Raspberry Dark Chocolate is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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Most helpful reviews

I LOVED this chocolate, not only because it’s fair-trade (crazy to believe that not all

of them are) but the butter and the raspberry, my favorite fruit, so damn good. The filling was the best I ever tried in a chocolate.

Chocolate, cashew butter, and raspberries are always a winning combination.

I started making these Golden Bake Cookies and realized that I didn’t have any chocolate

chips. So I took a hammer to the HU chocolate bar - and voila chocolate chips. I’ve made this recipe before, but it was OUTSTANDING with this chocolate. #abillionlove #veganchocolate #cookies

I love the berry flavor of these. The texture is on point too, the chocolate

is crunchy, but the center is a little softer with the berry filling. I definitely recommend that you try if you like fruity chocolate #veganuary

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